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Hardfacing MIG Wire Sifcored 600 – 1.2 mm x 5 Kg


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Brand: SIF
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  • Wire Diameter: 1.2 mm
  • Material: Metal cored wire for wear resistant surfacing parts of steel, cast steel, and high Mn steel
  • Spool Size: 5 kg
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Hardfacing MIG Wire 1.2 mm Sifcored 600 – 5 Kg

Sifcored 600 is a gas-shielded, tubular cored hardfacing MIG wire designed for high wear resistance. It is specifically formulated for applications that demand a combination of impact and abrasion resistance. This wire is also ideal for building-up or overlay tasks, ensuring that surfaces are fortified against wear and tear.

Key Features:

  • Wear Resistance: Offers high wear resistance, making it ideal for surfaces prone to abrasion and metal-to-metal wear.
  • Impact Resistance: Provides a robust shield against impact, ensuring durability in challenging conditions.
  • Metal Cored: Designed for surfacing parts of steel, cast steel, and high Mn steel that are exposed to abrasion, metal-to-metal wear, impact, and compression stresses.

Common Applications:

  • Widely used in the earthmoving and quarry industries.
  • Suitable for hardfacing digger buckets, crusher hammers, blades, etc.
  • Employed in the agricultural sector for reinforcing ploughshares and similar equipment.

Materials to be Welded:

  • Primarily used on mild and medium tensile steels.
  • Before hardfacing, areas should be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring they are free from oil, grease, and dirt.
  • Any base metal that shows signs of cracking or has previous hardfacing should be adequately removed to ensure optimal welding results.


Product Type Mig Wire – Hardfacing
Part Number WO601250
Weight 5 KG
Diameter 1.2 mm

Welding Positions

sifcored 600 welding positions

Typical Mechanical Properties

Melting Point 1450°C
Ultimate Tensile Strength n/a N/mm²
Hardness 570-650

Typical Weld Metal Composition

C 0.5%
Si 1%
Mn 1.5%
Cr 5%


DIN 8555 MSG6-4Z-60

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