Hard Facing Electrode HF-425 x4.0mm – 5.0Kg


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Product Description

HF-425 x 4.0mm

Tip colour :White

Classification  DIN 8555 : E10-UM-60-GRPZ

Synthetic rutile coated hardfacing electrode with high recovery ( 160% ). For applications subject to abrasive wear by minerals, combined with medium shocks and compression.

Austenitic matrix containing Cr carbides. Deposit resists corrosion due to the high chromium content ( 32% ) as well as heat up to 200°C.

Easy flow, self releasing slag.  Maximum hardness, as deposited, is reach in 3 layers


For applications where resistance to high abrasion combined with a good resistance to shock is required. Only machinable by grinding.

For excavating and crushing equipment, surfacing of endless screws, mixer blades, pump bodies for abrasive materials, excavator teeth, crushing installations for minerals, concrete pumps, ore crushing, ploughshares, screw presses for the brick manufacturing industries.

All weld metal Hardness

~ 58HRC 61 – 63HRC

Typical weld metal  composition (%) 

C     Si    Mn    Cr     Fe

3.5   1.0   1.0   32   Rem

Packaging data

Size (mm)         2,5×350       3,2×350       4,0×350       5,0×450

Electr./Packet       161             102                69                40

Electr./Carton       644             408               276              160

Kg/1000 Electr.     28                49                 72               161

Packets/Carton      4                  4                   4                   4

Kg/Packet              4.5                5                    5                 6.5

Kg/Carton               18               20                  20                26

Welding Parameters

Amps (A)                 90              130               160              210

Additional Information

Redrying, if necessary, 1h/250°C. Guide electrode almost vertically with a short arc.

In case of hardfacing highly alloyed steels like stainless steels, it is recommended to apply a cushion

layer with  18/8Mn. [AS-300]

Welding Positions


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