Hard Facing Electrode HF-415 x 4.0mm – 5.5Kg


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Product Description

HF-415 x 4.0mm

A Cr-Mo-V martensitic type electrode for surfacing areas of high impact and limited abrasion.

Hardfacing electrode for components/equipment subjct to Impact, compression and abrasion

Classification  DIN 8555 : E6-UM-60-S

Rutile-basic coated general purpose hardfacing electrode for applications subject to impact, compression and abrasive wear.

For hard surfacing on components made of carbon steel, cast steel and Manganese steel. The deposit is tough-hard and crack resistant.

Recovery of the electrode approx. 120%.


Hardfacing of block presses, crusher jaws, wheel rims, rollers, caterpillar

tracks, ploughshares, running surfaces, cutting edges etc.

All weld metal Hardness

~ 58HRC

Typical weld metal  composition (%)  

C    Si    Mn  Cr    V    Mo  Fe

0.4  1.0  1.0  9.0  1.0 1.0  Rem

Packaging data  

Size (mm)

2,5×350      3,2×350    4,0×450

Electr./Packet         221             135            86

Electr./Carton         884             540          344

Kg/1000 Electr.     22.6              37             76

Packets/Carton       4                  4               4

Kg/Packet                 5                  5             6.5

Kg/Carton                20               20             26


Amps (A)           60 – 90       90 – 120   110 – 160

Addiional Information

Redrying, if necessary, 2h/300°C. Hold electrode almost vertically with a short arc. On materials

sensitive to cracks a buffer-layer with 18/8Mn [AS-300] is recommended. Low alloyed, high carbon

tool steels etc. should be preheated to 200 – 400°C, depending on their composition and thickness.

Slow cooling in still air after surfacing.

Welding Positions

1G   2F   2G

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