Hard Facing Electrode HF-400 x 4.0mm – 6.5Kg


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Product Description

HF-400 x 4.0mm

Wear facing electrode for impact resistance.

  • Tip colour : Light green
  • Classification  DIN 8555 : E1-UM-400
  • Rutile coated electrode for surfacing of machine and construction parts, as well as of tools made of  low-alloyed and cast steels which are subject to wear by pressure and impact.
  • Electrodes are easy to weld even on low amperage and small portable welding equipment with a low open arc voltage.
  • Soft flow with almost no spatter, self releasing slag, excellent weld bead appearance.
  • Sound, crack free deposit, machinable with carbide cutting tools.

General applications

Surfacing of rollers, gear teeth, stamps, hammers,  guide rails etc.

All weld metal Hardness

~ 400HB/ 39 – 42HRC

Typical weld metal composition (%)

C          SI      Cr        Mn      Fe

0.30   0.5     1.0       1.5    Rem

Packaging data  

Size (mm)                            2,5×350   3,2×450 4,0×450

Electr./Packet                        267           163        104

Electr./Carton                      1068           652       416

Kg/1000 Electr.                    18.7            40          63

Packets/Carton                     4                4             4

Kg/Packet                               5              6.5          6.5

Kg/Carton                              20             26           26

Welding  Amp (A)                90             115         160

Additional information

Redrying, if necessary, 1h/150°C. Preheating is not required on mild and medium carbon steels. Low alloyed, high carbon tool steels etc. should be preheated, where possible, to 250 – 400°C, depending on their composition and thickness. Slow cooling in air after surfacing.

Welding Positions

1G   2F   2G   3G   4G

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