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GeKa – 99AL ALUWELD (1100) Electrodes (3.2mm) 2kg


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Low heat input manual electrode for joining aluminium alloys with excellent welding properties and resistance to salt water and industrial corrosion. Good arc striking, clean, flat flow and dense poreless seams. It has a special coating for joining and repairing pure aluminium alloys.


Features and Applications

Includes pipes, vessels, hoppers, vats, containers heat exchangers, air conditioning, decorative panels, slideways where electrolytic treatment or anodisation is foreseen

Excellent welding properties, excellent resistance to salt water and industrial corrosion, good arc striking, clean flat flow, dense poreless seams

Low heat input manual electrode for joining through aluminium alloys

Electrode with special coating for joining and repairing of pure aluminium, Al-Mg-Mn, Al-Mg alloys

Hermetically sealed tin cans


StandardsCurrent Type
TS 9604 – EL-Al 99.5D.C. (+)
AWS A5.3 – E 1100


Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength
Hardness (HB)
70 – 100min. 3030 – 80


Welding Positions



Operating Data
Diameter x Length (mm)Welding Current (A)Package
Weight (Kg)
2.50 x 350

3.20 x 350

4.00 x 350

60 – 80

80 – 110

110 – 130




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