Tech Master Multi-Stage Base Entry Fuel Gas Regulator 0-10 Bar


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Brand: Gas Arc
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  • Entry Point: Base & Side Entry
  • Inlet Connection: BS341
  • Outlet Connection: 3/8 BSP Male
  • Inlet Max Pressure: 300 bar
  • Outlet Max Pressure: 0-10 bar (for various gases)
  • Stages: Multi-stage
  • Gas Type: Fuel Gas
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Tech Master Multi-Stage Base Entry Fuel Gas Regulator 0 – 10 Bar

This regulator is produced under the Gas-Arc quality management system BS EN ISO 9001 and the design and construction have been tailored to meet in full the requirements of EN ISO 2503.

The Tech Master Multi-stage cylinder regulator provides the ultimate answer to industrial gas pressure requirements.

Capable of working on cylinder pressures up to 300 bar, these regulators provide extra safety and precision control to the user.

The two stage reduction of cylinder pressure within the Multi-stage regulator combines extra safety with precise control over the complete pressure range.


  • Bottom or side entry inlet connections to ensure that the regulator fits both safely and conveniently on all available cylinders.
  • Safety pressure gauges to ISO5171
  • Tamper proof safety relief valve that will safely vent excess pressure and reseal thus extending  the regulator’s life.
  • Integral inlet filter that encapsulates the main valve and is designed to prevent ingress of foreign particles into the regulator.
  • 1st Stage solid brass piston to withstand the demands of 300 bar service, provides an accurate and constant supply to the second stage.
  • 2nd Stage diaphragm (unperforated) means the efficiency of the diaphragm is greatly improved and also reduces the possibility of leaks, improving safety.
  • Inspection/Replacement date permanently etched into the body of each regulator provides the user with important information on the maximum service life of the regulator in accordance with BCGA CP7.
  • The range is suitable for all standard industrial gases, including oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium etc.

Technical Data

Type Multi-stage
Inlet Pressure Maximum 300 bar
Outlet Pressure (for various gases)  0-10 bar
Body Brass
Valve Seat Nylon
Diaphragm Neoprene
Filter Sintered 316L Stainless Steel
Inlet Connection BS341
Outlet Connection 3/8 BSP Male
Temperature Range -200°C to +600°C
Weight 1.9 kg

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