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Flip-Up Welding Goggles 41/4″ x 2″ – Pack of 2


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Brand: Weldability Sif
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  • One-piece goggle with a soft molded body and indirect ventilation for easy use and reduced condensation.
  • Designed to shield against welding-related hazards, including heat, optical radiation, sparks, and debris.
  • Tailored for oxy/fuel gas welding, choose the right lens filter and PPE for your welding process.
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Flip-Up Welding Goggles 41/4″ x 2″ – Pack of 2

One piece, flip-front design goggle with soft moulded body.

Indirect vent with 6 air filters to reduce condensation and a flexible headpiece with elasticated strap, PVC housing and supplied with a 4 1/4″ x 22 clear and shade 5 lens.

Welding goggles provide a degree of eye protection while some forms of welding and cutting are being done.

They are intended to protect the eyes not only from the heat and optical radiation produced by welding, such as the intense ultraviolet light produced by the arc, but also from sparks or debris.

Designed for use in oxy/fuel gas welding application. A full facemask should be used for arc welding and if cutting/grinding, a full facemask with a high impact grade is essential to protect both the eyes and face.

Target Applications

Designed for use in Oxy/Fuel gas welding applications.

Further Information

The optical filter in welding goggles, a facemask or helmet must suit the process it is being used. A filter suitable for gas welding, for instance, should not be used for Arc Welding.

Ensure you select a suitable shaded lens and appropriate PPE overall, depending on your applications.

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