Evolution MTS500DP LCD 500 amp Air Cooled MIG Package


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The sifWELD MTS500 Dual Pulse is a professional, microprocessor-controlled inverter welding package for MIG, MMA & Lift-TIG applications.With 100% Duty Cycle at 400A this machine is the ideal work horse for high production manufacturing in air cooled or water cooled versions. The dual pulse function incorporating the built in Synergic facility the machine will automatically give the optimum welding parameters for the specific material, wire size and shielding gas, including optimum MIG welding of aluminium.

Featuring IGBT technology and providing a lightweight, multi-process machine, a separate feed system with full feature control.

sifWELD Evolution MTS500DP LCD

  • 500A, Three phase MIG welding machine with
  • Synergic features including Dual Pulse programs
  • Very high duty cycle, 100% at 400A, 60% at 500A
  • Perfect machine for high production environment
  • Programmable job memory
  • Supervisor lockable parameters
  • Full digital control with large Colour LCD screen for
  • 15Kg reel or bulk drum
  • 5M or 10M interconnect cable

Ready to use Machine Package includes:-

  • sifWELD Evolution MTS500DP WFU
  • sifWELD Evolution Trolley
  • 5m Interconnection Air Cooled 50mm2
  • U Roller 1.2/1.6mm Pair
  • V Roller 1.2/1.6mm Pair
  • 10m Interconnect Cable 50mm2 Air Cooled
  • SifGun 400A Air Cooled MIG Torch
  • Argon Regulator

Optional Items:-

  • 500A Water Cooled MIG Torch
  • sifWELD Evolution Water Cooler
  • Water Cooler Cable
  • 5m Interconnection Water Cooled 50mm2
  • 10m Interconnect Cable 50mm2 Water Cooled
  • K Roller 1.0/1.2mm Pair
  • U Roller 1.0/1.2mm Pair
  • V Roller 1.0/1.2mm Pair
  • K Roller 1.2/1.6mm Pair

Our Arc Welding Machines are UKCA & CE certified, compliant to BS EN 60974-1

Full specification sheet can be found in “Documents” section.

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