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Copper Welding Rod No 7 x 2.4mmm x 1Kg


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Copper Welding Rod No 7 x 2.4mmm x 1Kg

Product Description

An easy flowing, high quality copper rod for full fusion welding of deoxidised copper sheet. The finished weld is free from porosity and copper oxide inclusions. Suitable for use in the oxy/acetylene brazing process (use SIFSILCOPPER flux). Also commonly used in TIG welding. Suitable for fabrication and repairs to copper pipes, tanks etc.  

Suitable for use in ship building, repair and maintenance, and the , offshore, and process industries.  This alloy also provides good electrical conductivity and is often used in machinery constructions and conductor rail manufacture.   The rod can be used for fabrication of stills for the brewing industry, repairs to copper pipes and castings, calorifiers, fireboxes and copper fittings.  It exhibits a viscous weld pool and is typically best used on oxygen-free copper types.   A pre-heat may be required on material thicknesses of 73mm (to a maximum of 60°C).   




  • Ag 1  % 
  • Cu Bal 


  • Melting Point 1060°C
  • Ult Tensile Strength 200 N/mm²
  • Hardness 75 
  • EN 14640  Cu 1897 (CuAg1), 
  • BS: 1453  C1 

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