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Sifmig Zero SG3 Copper Free Steel MIG Wire – x 0.8 mm x 15 Kg


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Sifmig Zero SG3 Copper Free Steel MIG Wire – x 0.8 mm x 15 Kg

  • Free from Copper Coating
  • EN ISO 14341-A – G 42 2 C1 / 46 5 M21 4Si1
  • AWS A5.18: ER70S-6

Double-deoxidised mild steel MIG wire, free from copper coating with increased silicon and manganese content for welding unalloyed and low-alloyed mild and medium tensile steels requiring good impact toughness down to -20°C.

Manufactured with a high-quality un-coppered finish for improved feeding and conductivity, SIFMIG ZERO SG3 typically provides a higher ultimate tensile strength over standard SIFMIG SG2 and the absence of copper on the wire surface results in a cleaner deposit and avoids the metallurgical risks of increased copper in the weld pool.

The arc-stability characteristics and improved feedability of the SIFMIG ZERO SG3 make it ideal for robotic or automated processes, where welding steadiness and uniformity are essential in order to avoid welding defects and very expensive cycle interruptions. Less post-weld clean up means less grinding.

Welding Positions

  • For use in all positions.

Typical Weld Metal Composition 

  • C 0.1%
  • Si 1.0%
  • Mn 1.75%
  • Typical Mechanical Properties
  • Melting Point 1450°C
  • Ult Tensile Strength 550-600 N/mm²
  • Impact Value 100J @ -20°C
  • Elongation 24%

Material To Be Welded

For use in general fabrication, construction, ship building, tanks and boilers, autobody applications, robotic and automated processes. Increased manganese and silicon to provide improved mechanical properties. Can be used on a wide variety of mild steels, structural steel, fine-grain steel, pipe steel, boiler steel and cast steel. Popular in the construction sector, wind turbine tower fabrication and car manufacturing industries.

Available Formats

  • Spooled Wire
  • Dia 15kg
  • 0.8mm WA190815
  • 1.0mm WA191018 WA1910250
  • 1.2mm WA191218 WA1912250
  • Shielding Gas : CO2, ArCO2
  • Current : DC=

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