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Carbo Durit E x 5.0mm


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Standards DIN 8555 E21-GF-UM-60-GP
DIN EN 14700 E Fe20

CARBO DURIT E is a steel tube filled with fused tungsten carbides.
It is a dip-coated electrode suitable for Manual Arc [MMA] welding on AC as well as on DC.
The weld metal consists in a tungsten-steel-matrix with embedded tungsten carbides. The extraordinary hardness of the fused tungsten carbides
(WSC) of approx. 2300 HV imply the high build-up wear resistance.
The carbon content of the base metal should not exceed 0,45 % in order to avoid lack of fusion. However, the base material should have enough
strength to avoid the penetration of the build-up in the base material.

Typical applications

Hardfacing of tools and machine parts in the mining,
Road construction, well digging, civil engineering,
Deep drilling technology, where strongest abrasion by minerals may occur.


To get the best results the welding areas should be properly cleaned of rust, grease,soil and similar pollutions.
Preheating to 350-500°C is recommended.
The lowest possible welding current should be used to avoid the melting of the carbide particles.
The selection of the grain size and the rod diameter depend on the application and the size of the tool to be hard faced.
Lower particle sizes are recommended when the wear from abrasion is dominant, bigger sizes for tool cutting faces for superior cutting results.

Mechanical properties of all-weld metal
( typical values )
Hardness of fused tungsten carbide
> 2300
Weld metal analysis
(typical, wt. %)
Fe       WSC
40%     60%
Current = + / ~ 50 V
Welding positions PA, PB

Flux-cored wire equivalent CARBO F- Durit Fe
Dia./Length      Amperage (A)    Pcs./ packet     Pcs./ carton      kg / 1000     kg / packet   kg / carton
3,5 x 350           70 – 90                    99                     396                  50.5                 5,0            20.0
4,0 x 350           80 – 100                  66                     264                  75,9                 5.0            20.0
5,0 x 350         100 – 120                  42                     167                119,6                 5.0            20.0

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