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British Style NM Type 18/90 Cutter (BU100B)


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A popular design of oxy/ fuel gas cutting torches used with NM type nozzles, featuring 3/8 BSP inlets, pressure control knobs and cutting oxygen lever. 18”, 27”, 36”, 48” & 60” lengths with 90°, 75° or 180° heads.

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British Style NM Type 18/90 Cutter (BU100B)

This product connects to oxygen and acetylene (or propane) hoses via 3/8″ BSP fittings and uses these gases to cut metal with the aid of an appropriate nozzle. The mix of the oxygen and fuel gas is controlled via the two control knobs located at the inlets. Three gas channels lead from the mixing area (in the handle) to the head of the cutter. One channel carries the fuel gas, one carries the heating oxygen supply, and the last carries the cutting oxygen supply. Cutting oxygen is released in bursts when required by the user. This is achieved by using the cutting oxygen control lever, located on the handle. When not in use, this lever can be secured in place by way of a small fastener on the handle.

The NM cutter uses Acetylene (ANM) or Propane (PNM) cutting nozzles in their standard or extended (ANME & PNME) models. These are secured with a headnut, which is included. Headnuts are also available individually. The NM cutter is available in several models: The 18″ version is available with either a 90°, 180°, or 75° head. The 27″ version is also available with either a 90°, 180°, or 75° head.

The NM Type Universal Cutters are manufactured to EN5172 and boast 3/8″ BSP hose connections.

Basic Data

Part Number BU100B
Weight 2.5 KG
Length 18
Head Angle 90 Degrees
Inlet 3/8 BSP

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