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Ardrox WCP712 [8903W/8901W] White Contrast Lacquer – Box of 10


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Product Description

Ardrox WCP712 [formerly 8903W & 8901W ]White Contrast Lacquer

[box of 10 aerosols]

ARDROX WCP712 is a suspension of a white pigment in a resin base, which utilises a fast drying,

flammable solvent (non-chlorinated) system to facilitate speed and ease of application.

ARDROX WCP712 is used in conjunction with the ARDROX black magnetic particle inspection processes.

It provides an excellent contrasting white background when dark steels are being tested.

ARDROX WCP712 provides a matt finish, free from reflections, which assists the viewing of defects. The

smooth surface finish provided by this product allows the magnetic ink to remain mobile on the surface

for longer, thus assisting the detection of fine defects.

Method of use

The metal surface is first cleaned to remove rust, scale, paint or other contaminants. If water is used in

the process, ensure the component is dried. The final cleaning operation should be to degrease the

surface using ARDROX 9PR5, then allow it to flash dry.

ARDROX WCP712 is then sprayed directly from an aerosol (ensure the aerosol is thoroughly shaken to

disperse all settled white pigment – agitator balls are present in the aerosol to aid dispersion). The spare

actuator button in the aerosol cap may be used to obtain an alternative spray pattern.

In the case of bulk material, it is essential to shake the container thoroughly immediately prior to use,

then it may be applied by the use of any spray gun system to obtain a uniform white coating.

Alternatively, the product may be applied by brush, but this method is more likely to produce uneven


The product should be applied in order to produce an even, thin coating over the surface being

inspected. The coating will be dry almost immediately and the appropriate magnetising mode can be

used to produce the requisite amount of magnetic flux in the component.

Where current flow or “prod” techniques are used, ensure that the contact area is not coated with

ARDROX WCP712 since it will act as an electrical insulator. If necessary, clean those areas with

ARDROX 9PR5 prior to magnetisation.

Coatings of ARDROX WCP712 are not affected by the grades of kerosene commonly used as carriers for

magnetic inks.

The equipment required to produce magnetic flux in the component can vary from small, hand-held units

to large, purpose-built, lathe style benches.

When the inspection has been completed, ARDROX WCP712 is removed with ARDROX 9PR5 or

ARDROX PR1. NOTE: The surface roughness will affect the ease of removal.

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