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Ardrox 9PR5 [HF-R] Penetrant Remover – Box of 10


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Product Description

Ardrox 9PR5 Penetrant Remover

[Box of 10 aerosols]

ARDROX 9PR5 is a water-white, clear, mobile liquid. It is fast drying and has a low sulphur, halogen and alkali metal content.

ARDROX 9PR5 is a solvent penetrant remover used for the removal of both visible red dye and fluorescent penetrants. It can also be used as a solvent precleaner prior to the penetrant application for the removal of oil and greases.

ARDROX 9PR5 is normally used in the nuclear and allied industries where there is a requirement for the use of non-chlorinated solvent-type penetrant removers.

Chemicals required 

  •  ARDROX 9D1B Solvent based developer
  • ARDROX 9PR5 penetrant remover
  • ARDROX 996PB visible penetrant

Method of use 

For precleaning operations, ARDROX 9PR5 is best used by spray or immersion. However, it may be applied by any other suitable technique, such as brushing or applying via a cloth.

After suitable precleaning, penetrant application and the necessary penetrant contact time, the excess penetrant is removed with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth or tissue. The next stage is to use ARDROX 9PR5 to remove the final traces of excess penetrant from the surface. This is best done by applying ARDROX 9PR5 to a cloth or tissue and then wiping over the surface with the cloth. The application of ARDROX 9PR5 via a cloth should be continued until the cloth picks up virtually no penetrant.

After removal of the excess penetrant, a thin even coat of developer is applied to the components.

Effects on materials 

ARDROX 9PR5 is safe to use on all common metals, including stainless and mild steels, magnesium, aluminium, copper and cadmium. ARDROX 9PR5 may have a softening or swelling effect on some rubbers and plastics. This should be checked before use, where such materials are likely to be encountered.


Technical information 

Appearance: White powder in clear colourless liquid.

Density: 0.88 g/ml at 20°C.

Flash Point: -18°C (Closed Cup).

These are typical values only and do not constitute a specification.

Equipment materials

Equipment/tanks should be constructed of stainless steel.

Safety guidance 

Before operating the process described it is important that this complete document, together with any relevant Safety Data sheets, be read and understood.

All local and national regulations on the transport, storage, use and waste treatment of chemicals in concentrated or diluted form and as working solutions must be obeyed.

Further specific information on the products can be found in the EC Safety Data Sheets supplied. The user should also pay strict attention to information and hazard symbols shown on product labels.

Waste disposal 

All waste waters must be treated in accordance with national legislation and local regulations prior to discharge to the sewer.

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