95E Stainless Steel Rust Remover & Passivator (HF Free) – 5L


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Removes Iron (Rust) and contamination from stainless steel.

Accelerates formation of the protective Chrome Oxide layer.

Complies with ASTM A380-06 & A967-05 standards.

Can be applied using brushes, immersion, and chemical sprayers.

Acid-free and easy to neutralize.

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95E Stainless Steel Rust Remover & Passivator (HF Free) – 5 Litres

The 95E cleaner & passivator is used to remove Iron (rust), contamination and accelerate the formation of the protective Chrome Oxide layer of the stainless steel in one operation without the presence of Hydrofluoric acid. This solution meets the requirements detailed in ASTM A380-06 & A967-05.

The solution can be applied by acid resistant brushes, immersion in a bath or by using a chemical resistant spray unit such as the Antox hand operated sprayer.

Application and Procedure

Before commencing work, read the material safety data sheets, observe all safety precautions and use the correct protective equipment.

The 95E cleaner is ready to use and is applied to a dry metal surface.

When removing Iron contamination a minimum contact time of 20 minutes is required for the chemical reaction to take place. The optimal cleaning temperature is around 18 – 22° C. Work routines should be avoided in direct sunlight (due to hazard of premature drying).When using 95E cleaner the surface may benefit from the use of a soft abrasive fabric to enhance the removal of contaminants.

Neutralise with 10% solution of the alkaline based Mainclean brushed onto the surface, sprayed or dosed through Jet wash then rinse with cold water. This works in three ways, it neutralizes the acid in-situ so that it does not contaminated other areas, stops the formation of the “spilt milk” effect associated with Phosphoric acid and finally ensures that the solution washed off is about ph 7. Although the acids areneutralisedlocal waste water regulations must be observed.

Reaction Times

  • Rust and acid-resistant steels, stainless steels: 20 – 30 minutes

General Remarks

  • 95E cleaner is free of hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and chlorides.
  • 1 litre of 95E cleaner is sufficient for approx. 20 – 25 sq. metres of surface area.

Notes on hazards and suggestions for safety precautions

The 95E cleaner contains phosphoric and nitric acid. This is extremely toxic when swallowed. Contact with the skin causes acid burns. Process and store in a well-ventilated place (the cans should be tightly closed). Breathing apparatus should be used when ventilation facilities are insufficient. Appropriate protective goggles; gloves and clothing should be worn whilst working.

Thorough rinsing with water should treat contact with the eyes and thereafter a doctor should be consulted. Contaminated and soaked protective clothing should be immediately changed. A doctor should be consulted if nausea is experienced (the doctor should be shown the notes on safety precautions, the product notes or the product label).

These products should not be accessible to children & are for commercial and industrial use only.

Disposal of Waste

Neither 95E cleaner nor the rinsing water may be disposed of in the public sewers in an untreated state. The waste water is acidic and contains metal oxides from the treated metal. Appropriate treatment should be carried out in a suitable neutralisation plant or disposal undertaken via a licensed waste disposal enterprise. The local waste water regulations are to be observed.

A carriage charge is applied to orders, for standard 1-2 day shipments to mainland destinations within the United Kingdom. Other destinations and premium services are available but subject to additional freight charges.


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