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308Mn – E307 x 3.2mm


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307 Electrode x 4.0mm

Product Description

Austenitic Stainless Steel Electrode    AS 300 x 3.2mm      

AWS A 5.4.: E307 

BS EN 1600: E18.8.MnR.53 

Austenitic, rutile-coated electrode for the joining and overlay of steels and Manganese steels. Also for the joining of dissimilar steels, construction steel to stainless, for cushion layers prior to hard facing. May be used as a wear facing electrode against severe impact.  Work-hardening deposit.  Non magnetic Low to medium carbon steels, Austenitic Manganese, Tool steels, construction steels, Stainless steel to itself or to mild steel For civil engineering, railways, cement works, digger buckets and crusher jaws. 

UTS    Yield 0.2%      Elong A5       HardnessHB

>600      >400               >30                    200       W /Hardened      500  

 Typical base metal analysis 

    C           Si      Mn      Cr      Ni          Mo

 0.10        1.2     4.5     18.0                  8.0         – 


Size mm        2.5 x 350                  3.25 x 350                 4.0 x 450 


Kg/packet           4.5                             5                               6.5 


Amperes  =/+    65                               80                            110 


Weld with a short arc and a slight inclination. Do not pre-heat Manganese steel due to sensitivity to hot cracking 

Rebake at 300°C for I hour, should this be required

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