NEW: Phantom eXtreme Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Welding and Welder are delighted to introduce a brand new auto-darkening welding helmet to their range of welding safety related products.

Phantom eXtreme Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is a lightweight auto-darkening welding headshield with modern styling, finished with perforated sheet and steel cladding graphics.

With a shell manufactured from high impact resistant nylon the Phantom eXtreme has a dedicated Grinding Mode and conforms to EN175B, therefore providing full face protection in grinding applications.

The ratchet headgear makes it comfortable on the head and compliments it’s many lens features and durably painted artwork. We are sure that any welder wearing it will become the envy of any workshop.

Phantom eXtreme lens provides a massive “97mm x 62mm” viewing area and allows the operator to select a welding shade between 5 and 13. This is an improvement on many other helmets because the shades are selectable in half shade steps.

Arc sensing down to just 2A means this unit is ideal for any welding application and is particularly suitable for low amp, precision TIG welding. In addition variable sensitivity & delay controls allow the lens to be optimised for every application and when not in use the lens reverts to DIN 3.5 to provide a very clear vision of the work area.

“Four” high accuracy arc sensors mean that once the arc is struck, the lens changes from shade 3.5 to the desired welding shade in 0.04ms. This provides the user with instantaneous protection, and eliminates the possibility of any damage to the eyes.

PHANTOMThe lens is powered from a solar cell, which draws energy from the welding arc, so there is no need for battery changes. With its modern styling, high-specifications and economical price it is ideal for any application.

This helmet conforms to DIN plus, CE, EN175B, ANSI Z87.1.

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