Starparts Welding Curtains & Frames - Standard



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  • Welding Curtain 8′ x 6′ Green Canvas with Eyelets


    £32.78 ex VAT £39.34 inc VAT
  • Welding Curtain 6′ x 6′ Green Canvas with Eyelets


    £23.61 ex VAT £28.33 inc VAT
  • Welding Curtain 6′ x 4′ Green Canvas with Eyelets


    £20.74 ex VAT £24.89 inc VAT

Showing all 3 results

Our company offers a range of flame-resistant welding curtains in various sizes, including both high visibility and low visibility options. These curtains are essential in ensuring the safety of workers and visitors in welding areas, which can be hazardous environments if proper precautions are not taken. By creating designated, customized, and enclosed areas for welding, these curtains can help prevent injuries such as nerve and lung damage from toxic fumes, flash burns, and arc eye. If your facility does not have a separate welding area, welding curtains may be required to ensure a safe environment.