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  • Uvex 9302 Ultrasonic Goggles (Clear Lens) – Grey Frame

    UVEX 9302-285

    £13.20 ex VAT £15.84 inc VAT
  • Uvex 9302 Ultrasonic Goggles (Clear Lens) – Orange Frame

    UVEX 9302-245

    £12.10 ex VAT £14.52 inc VAT

Showing all 2 results

Our safety goggles are specifically crafted to keep your eyes safe from any potential harm while performing tasks such as turning, occasional grinding, chipping, and sanding. They are designed to guard against impact from flying particles, liquid splashes, and coarse materials, ensuring maximum protection for your eyes. Despite being protective, these goggles also offer a comfortable fit and are lightweight, making them a practical choice for all your safety needs.