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Lineleader Gas Control Outlet Points

We supply a selection of Lineleader Gas Control Outlet points to fit various pipeline needs. These outlets are placed near the intended point of use, allowing the user to easily regulate and adjust the gas flow as needed while also complying with BCGA Code of Practice CP7. Each outlet includes a durable wall bracket, a non-return valve or BS EN 730-1 certified flashback arrestor, an isolation valve, a pipeline adaptor, and a separate pipeline pressure regulator to guarantee adherence to the BCGA Code of Practice CP7....Read more

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  • Tech Master Lineleader Acetylene Outlet Point (GCS08008)


    £144.68 ex VAT £173.62 inc VAT
  • Tech Master Lineleader Inert Gas Outlet Point (GCS08002)


    £98.83 ex VAT £118.60 inc VAT
  • Tech Master Lineleader Oxygen Outlet Point (GCS08007)


    £153.93 ex VAT £184.72 inc VAT

Showing all 3 results